Sunday, July 10, 2011

read all below and get your free credits today!

sick of buying imvu credits well here you can get 25,0000 a month better than a stupid vip membership alll you ahve to do is email this email with the subject code letter program and the message with your username and password why do we need it its because so we can check that the account exsist we don't want to waist our money on an account that doesnt exsist after you send the email wait 10-20 minutes then you should recieve an email with your first prepaid code and you will get them everymonth its basically imvu prepaid card codes but except it free you dont have ot buy them you will get them sent to you every month for 3 months after thats up you need to email your username and passowrd again to the email provided! so we can renew your subscription we have a hacker that we created that hacks the cards! if you dont want to do this and thinks its a hack well its your loss! this is not well none because this is a new program! thanks and enjoy you're credits! there are members if u get 300 people to sign up then send this code xsddsf2 and you will recieve 80,000 credits a month for 10 months! and we will check to make sure that you have reffered 300 people because we check ip address to your computer so dont try to trick us! enjoy your credits!